Family Meal Plan #19

This week is a 'meal plan on a mini disaster' week! The freezer isn't freezing stuff at the front/bottom shelves soooo I need to empty it to defrost the whole bl*ody thing! So this weeks meal plan is a little different and I have planned for lunch as well (lunch usually consists of sandwiches, toast, you know the simple lunches that are easy to but together). I just don't want to throw food away when it can be used, so below are 2 meal plans, lunch and tea.

There would normally be a grocery haul on our YouTube channel this week but as I will be using most of the freezer stuff I wont be uploading a haul this week. I will probably film a week of lunch ideas for a 3 year old though as I will be making different things this week!

Call The Midwife, Big Scarves and Weekly Vlogs #LittleLoves

You know last week I said how these posts have mad me more appreciative? My mood has been so much better this week! I have more patience with  the monsters, I feel like my anxiety hasn't been quite so bad this week, I mean it hasn't disappeared, but I feel like focusing on the good is definitely helping matters!

I haven't actually read anything this week, no blogs, no books, no magazines. The most I have read is celebrity gossip!  But, my friends, let me tell you...I ruddy love some celeb gossip! My obsessions this week, the Pete and Megan (TOWIE) fall out...WHAT WAS IT ALL OVER!!! Scotty T being Steph Davies baby dad...which can I add...Steph Davies, I am obsessed with the gossip. Should I be? NOPE! Do I actually really care? Nope! But its most definitely my guilty pleasure!

This week, I have been loving Eastenders! Have you been watching? I mean what IS Max's game?!?! Also this week, I have started watching Call The Midwife, I noticed it on Netflix, and clicked...I am officially OBSESSED!

What have I heard this week? Other than the Trolls soundtrack on repeat (my kids are obsessed and we haven't even seen the film!) I have heard this Loving Caliber track all over YouTube lately. I ruddy love it!

This week has been oh so cold! Like sooooo cold! Living on the east coast there is always the sea breeze making it feel cooler than it is, and over the last few days the Google weather app has set that the temperature is 1c but feeling -6c. I will let you take that in...3 school runs a day in -6 temperatures, therefore my savior this week has been big scarves!

I have spent my week putting together a week in the life vlog for our YouTube channel, I recently downloaded Wondershare software, and let me tell has been life changing! So much easier to use than what I had been using in the past! 

**Sound the proud Mummy moment claxon** This week Jenson was awarded the Wow Of The Week in his class for being 'a good team leader', I wont lie...I cried in his celebration assembly! Also this week Ellie bought home a certificate or 100% attendance since starting at high school and she has also bagged the part of the March Hare in the class Alice In Wonderland production! How exciting!!!!!!!!

Living Arrows 04/52

This week for my living arrows post I wanted to share some photo's from our lazy Sunday, playing games on the XBox, copying YouTube make up tutorials, and the smallest girls playing Mummys and babies!  This post should have gone live mid week but hey..I am only human and its taken me ages to get around to it! This Sunday we are planning an adventure, I can't wait to hare our photo's!

What are your favourite ways to enjoy Sundays? Slow and steady or adventure all the way? Whatever you do this week enjoy your weekend guys!

Living Arrows

#6 Top 5 Essentials For...Homeschool Preschool with Let Them Be Small

Welcome back to another week of 5 Essentials For, this week Sarah from Let Them Be Small shares her 5 essentials or homeschooling your preschooler. If you would like to feature on my Top 5 Essentials For series, blogger or not, email me at

Family Meal Plan #18

Last week I did an absolute rubbish job of our meal plan. In fact out of 7 meals planned...we had 2! TWO!! But hey I am only human! It also means that the majority of stuff is still in the freezer so the money we spend last week on last minute meals is saved this week, as we haven't had to throw much out (the joys of having a freezer, thank god!). Any ways enough of me gabbing, here is this weeks plan...that I will stick too! Promise!

Faux Fur, Bagels and Daily Vlogs #LittleLoves

I have found that doing these Little Loves posts I have been feeling a lot more appreciative of things, as silly as that sounds, but suffering anxiety it really helps to focus on something positive, and if that is a series on Netflix, then so be it! What has made you happy this week? Leave me a comment below!

Fruity Yoghurt Topped Bagels

My kids are never going to be kids who eat just 3 meals a day, they like a good snack, I mean, who doesn't, right? I always try and make sure we always have something different, whether that be peanut butter puffs, mini banana bread muffins, easy cheesy garlic bread or Weetabix brownies, it has to be something that they will enjoy and something that I can knock up quickly and easy. When ever I write these posts, there is never any planning, no behind the scenes recipe planning, I'm just a mum looking in her kitchen cupboards and the fridge and knocking something up from the things we have in.  On this particular day I had some yoghurt that needed using (thanks to buying a huge tub in the yellow sticker fridge!), some bagels a day or 2 past the date (but still OK to eat) and a bit of fruit that looked lonely in the fruit bowl, so I knocked up these yoghurt topped bagels, they went down a real treat and I have since been asked to make sure we have bagels more often!

#5 5 Essentials For….Painting with Babies & Toddlers with Clares Little Tots

Remember back in November I started this series? And then bloggers block hit and I couldn't even bare to open the laptop let alone open blogger. But that little break means that I have come back for 2017 and I am ready and raring to go! This week I am handing over to Clare from Clares Little Tots who is sharing her 5 essentials for painting with babies and toddlers...

Review. Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck

We have been big fans of Num Noms since they launched last spring so it was obvious that Evie would have the Lip Gloss Truck on her Christmas list! So when the guys over at Num Noms sent us one over she was one very  happy little girl! She had been desperate to rip that box open from the minute she received it, so how did it go down, and did she love it as much as we thought she would?

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Living Arrows 03/52

For this weeks Living Arrows, I thought I would share a quick insight into how each of my little monsters like to spend their weekends. Individually they all love different things, yet at the same time, if I was to suggest we do something together, like lets go to the beach, they would all be loving the same thing!

This week Evie has been loving her Num Noms, she has not put them down! She got the lip gloss truck for Christmas, and we actually only just got around to opening it, so she spent the whole of the weekend playing with it. Jenson loves to do anything that he can join an adult doing. So whether that be going for a coffee (milkshake for him!), or washing the car, if he gets one on one time with an adult he is winning in his eyes!

Ellie is your typical pre-teen, straightening her hair, or trying out a new hair do. Playing around with make up, watching her favourite YouTubers. She would spend her day in her room if you let her! And Elsie? Where ever she is you can be sure that her doll isn't far behind! 

Living Arrows

Dressing Gowns, YouTube and 90s Nostalgia! #LittleLoves

In a bid to get me writing more (did you notice I have been a little quiet the last few months) I am trying to join a few linkys, one I have dipped my toe in a couple of times in the past 2 years is Little Loves. So here I am again, hoping that I will be able to keep up with the weekly linky! I'd love to here what you have been loving this week (or month) let me know in the comments below won't you...


I read this post 'I Suck At Being A Friend Right Now' a few days ago, and I can't get it out of my head. I could totally have written this post myself. I feel like I suck at being a friend right now. My life is pretty busy at the minute, and with Elsie starting preschool we have a whole new routine to get used to on top of trying to get back into a work/blogging routine. Life is CRAY right now, but I promise, too all the friends I have been sh*t to lately. That message you sent me? I will reply I promise!


If you know me you will know I'm a YouTube gal, most evenings you will find me catching up on YouTube rather than actual TV.  This week I have been on a major catch up after not actually having watched anything since Christmas! I am LOVING Jessica Avey's (above) channel right now, ohhh and Natasha Bailie is also a fave. And I couldn't mention my fave YouTubers and not mention The Michalaks.


After seeing a video with hits from 1997 on Facebook at the beginning of the week, I have been on a bit of a nostalgic journey and have listened to LOTS of 90's playlists on Google Play Music. It has taken me back to been a 14 year old sat in her bedroom recording the radio one top 40!


We made these yummy peanut butter puffs. The kids loved them so much that they have begged me to make more!


My dressing gown. Literally I tell no lie, I have lived in my dressing gown this week! Whether I am wearing PJ's or actual clothes, you can bet your bottom dollar I've had a dressing gown over the top.

And lastly....

I'm loving capturing little moments, I have decided to join a few photo projects and I feel like, remember when you was a teen and had your 'film' camera and you snapped away at everything, you didn't care if the shot was perfect, if so and so's hand was looking awkward. I feel like I have a 'film' camera in my hand, and I'm just snapping the moments, and loving it!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Family Meal Plan #17

This week I meal planned with a difference! The kids helped, they all chose their fave foods and I filled in the blanks. Ellie wanted tuna pasta, Evie wanted fish fingers, Jenson wanted me to make a pie and Elsie wanted hot dogs. Then I searched the fridge, freezer and cupboards and filled in the blanks! I actually think I am going to swap around Thursday and Monday as we have loads of chicken left over from yesterdays Sunday roast, it seems a shame to throw it out and buy more chicken.

This week I thought I would share some of the bargains I found this week, I am unsure how long these deals last, but at time of writing (Monday 16th January 2017) prices were correct.

Whole Chickens -£2.50 Rasmussens (was £4)

500g Fillets - £2 Iceland (was £3)

Large Yorkie Puds - 29p Heron

Ragu Pasta Bake Sauces - 59p each or 2 jars for £1 Heron

Home Life Photography Project 2017 - January

I recently came across the Home Life Photography Project, I absolutely love the idea of this and can't wait to join in this year. You can find out more over at Maybush Studio but basically the idea is to capture your home life, no posed for photos, just photos of your family doing what they are doing! I thought for this week, my first ever home life project, I would capture photos like a day in the life, I really want to get back to taking more photos, because actually I miss having 'normal' here goes our first ever home life project, so when the kid are older they can look back and say 'oh yes I remember that'...

Now, I had planned on taking photos all over one day, but well, that didn't happen, because by lunch time on Saturday I had forgotten. So over the whole weekend I captured little moments, from snuggling on the sofa watching movies, to changing clothes, please tell me my kids are not the only ones who change their clothes a million and one times a day?

I tried to capture all the moments, the good the bad and the ugly! Because when you have three children 5 and under, there are a whole host of tantrums! And also...Ellie, literally jut spends her days out at friends or on her phone, I am hoping that this post will make her realise she is on her phone A LOT!

The Siblings Project 2017 - January

I've been a long time lover of the siblings project hashtag on Instagram, the adorable family photos, pictures full of happiness, and for the last 2 years I have said that I will take part, for 2 years I have failed, maybe getting 2 or three photos of my monsters together in a whole year! This year I making sure I do it, so a couple of weeks ago whilst on a wintery walk I grabbed my camera and we took some snaps. In hind sight, 3.30pm wasn't the best time to do it, light was fading, the kids were tired and un- co-operative, so the photos are not quite what I was wanting. But whilst they are lacking in focus, brightness and light they are the starting blocks to this project, a whole year of photos of my monsters together...

Living Arrows 01/52 & 02/52

So for 2017, I don't really have any resolutions to speak off, but one thing I really want to do is a) improve my photography and 2) capture more images of the kids doing 'normal' things, because I love nothing more than looking back at photo from my childhood that were taken just 'because'. Last year a lot of the photos I took were review photos or 'fancy' photos for Instagram. So this year, as well as those, I want to document our year, I want this blog to be something, like an online photo album, which we can all look back on and say 'oh can you remember that'. So I have had a hunt around, asked in blogger forums and found some amazing photography projects to be a part of.  So keep an eye out for some monthly project posts like the Siblings project, the home life project, and this weekly project, Living Arrows, hosted by Donna at What The Redhead Said.

Living Arrows

3 Ways To Get Money In An Emergency

Life isn't always sweetness and roses, and I know better than anyone that sometimes that the money on pay day just isn't gonna last until the next pay day. For whatever reasons, sometimes you need money fast. Here are three ways I have got money fast in the past...

Toucan Box Unboxing & Review

You know we are big lovers of kids crafts and activities, we have tried many kids activity subscription boxes but they seem to lack the pazzaz, and after a few boxes we end up canceling. So when Toucan Box said they would like to send us a box to try out, I was looking forward to seeing if they had what it takes to keep my kids interested.

Review. Real Construction from Jakks Pacific

Jenson has always been one to enjoy your typical 'boy' activities, if Dean has his tool box out then you be sure that Jenson is there too! So when we received two Real Construction kits from Jakks Pacific to review, the Starter Set and the Deluxe Workshop, you can imagine how excited he was!

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Cooking With Kids. Peanut Butter Puffs

I have mentioned plenty of times about how I like to try and make homemade after school snacks, so before the kids headed back to school after the Christmas break (and with a fridge full of packaged puff pastry!) we grabbed our aprons and made some yummy peanut butter puffs. They went down a treat and we almost didn't have any left for after school treats!

These peanut butter puffs make a perfect after school snack.

Family Meal Plan #16

Another week, another meal plan. This week I have also included our grocery haul...because I know some of you like that kind of thing! Remember to hit the subscribe button for fortnightly grocery hauls and monthly what we ate Wednesday's. This weeks meal plan came in so cheap and I think I got it all for less than £20 this week as we already had some stuff in and on Friday (last week) my sister treated us to tea out as we went to soft play, so last Fridays planned meal has been moved over to this week...anyways enough of my babbling, here it is...

4 Crafts I Want To Try In 2017

Every January I come up with a huge list of activities I want to try with the mini monsters, and as the years have gone on, and as they have started school, the crafts and things we do at home get less an less. Now as much as I do want to try and start doing more age appropriate activities with them, and I definitely want to start our after school mats again but I really want to start things for me too. So I have had a search through Pinterest and found a few crafts I want to try this year...

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A Peeka Puffs Adventure

I want you to imagine, if you will, being 3 (or 4 or 5!) and been told that you have a new friend on the way! This friend is pink, fuzzy and full of fluff. I mean, you would be over the moon super excited right? Well that is exactly how Evie, Elsie and Jenson reacted when I told them we had a Peeka Puff on its way to us! They quickly set about planning the adventures they would go on. From walks to the park to Gruffalo hunts, this was going to be Peeka Puffs most epic adventure ever...

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. Wishlist - Fashion For Men

People close to me all know, I chose Deans clothes! For starters, he is as tight as they come, he thinks Poundland is over priced (OK, I may be exaggerating here, a little bit anyway!) and to be quite honest when he moved in with me I helped empty his suitcase and everything was size large, he is tiny and a small at most! But because his Uncle had handed it down her wore it! Jeans 2 sizes to big, held up with a belt! Honestly, it was hilarious! Anyhow, this is how we got to me buying Deans clothes. I was recently asked to feature Stand Out men's clothing on the blog and thought a nice fashion wishlist focused at Dean instead of me or the kids would be a great way to showcase them.

New Year, New You?

Every January the start of the new year sees the start of the New Year, New Me statuses on Facebook and me and my friends always joke about trading our self's in for whole new people! The last conversation of such took place over our Christmas get together, so I thought I would share a little peek into what our list consists of...

A Shopping Challenge with Boon.

Before Christmas Boon. got in touch and asked if I fancied a little Christmas challenge, now seeing as I love a Christmas shop and a challenge, how could I say no! So armed with the Boon. app set up through my Apple Pay I left my purse at home and headed to the shops...

Unicorn Inspired Sharing Freak Shake

It may be a new year and everyone may have decided to go on the annual health kick but, well, you know sometimes a healthy smoothie just ain't gonna cut it, and all you want is sugar (and even more sugar!) This unicorn inspired freak shake is a really yummy treat to share with someone!

Family Meal Plan #15

Happy 2017! So I am carrying on with the meal plans this year and let me tell you this week we are so so skint you could not imagine! So I emptied the cupboard and the freezer and made a list of everything we had before making up meals, and would you believe this weeks shop has come to just shy of £15! It also means we can get rid of the last of the Christmassy bits and bobs too!

If you are new to meal planning why not check out the video I made last year showing you how I meal plan.

Now lets get on with it shall we, this weeks meal plan...

Let me know in the comments your plans for the weeks meals. Inspire my next weeks shop!