Firework Safety This New Year

With New Year fast approaching some of you are no doubt beginning to think about celebrations and festivities for the big night. We all love a firework display and seeing the New Year in is one of the most popular times to watch a display. Did you know in 2014 more than 250,000 people gathered in London to see the firework spectacular on the Thames.

I love nothing more than staying up to watch the London display on TV, and I have always let Ellie stay up to watch it too, although neither she nor the other mini monsters quite make it to midnight...I wonder if this will be the year that they do!!

I remember back when I was 17 seeing in the new millennium with fireworks in our back garden, the only time we have ever had fireworks at home and it was wonderful, I still remember the excitement of a 'display' in our back garden but nowadays the thought of something going wrong just scares me so much that I haven't even ever let the kids hold a sparkler, let alone hold a display in the back yard! Although according to the NCC Home Learning firework safety quiz I got 8/8 and understand how to be safe around fireworks so maybe this year I might give sparklers a go (we will see!) If you are planning a home display this year why not take the quiz yourself and see how you fare?

Take the quiz here:

Whatever your plans are this New Year make sure you have a good one, and remember to stay safe.

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