Pip Ahoy Playtime! App Review

The monsters are real big Milkshake fan's so when we were asked to review the new Pip Ahoy Playtime app, I knew it would be something all the monsters would enjoy playing on.  The app, prices at £1.99 and available in the  iTunes, Amazon and Android stores, is aimed at preschool children and just like the TV show, Pip is star of the show!

The app consists of 5 mini games Where’s Alan? - a hide and seek style game, Ride the Bubble Train - drive the train and pick up characters along the way, Feed the Puffins - teaches colour and number recognition, I Spy with my Scopey Eye - title says it all! An I spy game! and Sail the Rubber Duck - Sail a boat and collect items along the way. All the games are inspired by adventures from the show and features the Pip Ahoy! theme tune for your Pipsqueak to sing along to. 

Each time they play a game you 'win' a virtual sticker which are stored in your very own virtual Sticker Book with in the app so that little ones can make your own Pip Ahoy! scenes. This is Jenson's favourite thing to do and listening to his Pip Ahoy! stories has become a regular thing!

This was a really great app, although simple, it is bright, colourful, super easy for little fingers to navigate and easy to play.  Its a perfect app for those times when you don't want to sit and have to play the games with them, because lets face it we sometimes have jobs to do, right!!

This is a collaborative post.

Chad Valley Babies to Love Lily Interactive Doll Review

If I have said it once I have said it a million times! My girls LOVE dolls! So when Chad Valley sent us the Lily Interactive Doll (RRP £24.99) I just knew they would love it when they saw it, and the fact that she has 10 different interactive features would just blow there minds!

Firework Safety This New Year

With New Year fast approaching some of you are no doubt beginning to think about celebrations and festivities for the big night. We all love a firework display and seeing the New Year in is one of the most popular times to watch a display. Did you know in 2014 more than 250,000 people gathered in London to see the firework spectacular on the Thames.

I love nothing more than staying up to watch the London display on TV, and I have always let Ellie stay up to watch it too, although neither she nor the other mini monsters quite make it to midnight...I wonder if this will be the year that they do!!

I remember back when I was 17 seeing in the new millennium with fireworks in our back garden, the only time we have ever had fireworks at home and it was wonderful, I still remember the excitement of a 'display' in our back garden but nowadays the thought of something going wrong just scares me so much...so much that I haven't even ever let the kids hold a sparkler, let alone hold a display in the back yard! Although according to the NCC Home Learning firework safety quiz I got 8/8 and understand how to be safe around fireworks so maybe this year I might give sparklers a go (we will see!) If you are planning a home display this year why not take the quiz yourself and see how you fare?

Take the quiz here: https://www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/blog/fireworks-safety-quiz/

Whatever your plans are this New Year make sure you have a good one, and remember to stay safe.

Easy Nutella Banana Bread Mini Muffins

As we head towards Chritmas its easy to get caught up on all the sweet treats after school, we have started baking these yummy mini muffins, which are perfect for when the bananas have started going brown and the kids refuse to eat them anymore! This recipe is really easy and a bit of a cheat's way as it uses pre bought sponge mix!

What you need:
3 Bananas
2 eggs
Packet/Boxed Sponge Mix

Mash the bananas and stir in 2 beaten eggs. Add the cake mix and give it a good mix, then add a couple of spoons of Nutella and mix well before spooning into a mini muffin cake tray and baking in a preheated oven (gas 4) for around 15-20 minutes, until a skewer poked into the centre of the muffins comes out clean. Leave to cool before eating. These will store in an airtight tub for a couple of days, around a week in the fridge or you can freeze them for up to 4 months and take out as you need them.

Before freezing allow the muffins to cool completely and wrap each muffin tightly in cling film to lock in freshness wrap several times for the best protection. Put the wrapped muffins into a large freezer storage bag for an added layer of protection. Remove the muffins individually as needed, leaving the remaining muffins in the freezer, this means they are great for packed lunches too because you can remove a single muffin in the morning, and it should have thawed in the lunchbox by lunchtime, but maybe do a sample check first, we don't want little ones eating half frozen muffins do we!