Review. Baby Annabell Bedroom

You know my guys love to play with dolls, especially their Baby Annabel and Baby Born dolls. So when we were asked to review the new Baby Annabell Bedroom I could not turn it down!

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The Baby Annabell Bedroom is a large 29 x 56 x 39 cm house shaped box, with a classic Baby Annabel print design, which open ups to reveal a park scene on 2 doors, these then open up to reveal a cute bedroom, complete with pull out bed, storage nets, pillow & blanket, mobile, mirror wardrobe and hooks to hang Annabell's clothes and accessories.

The Baby Annabell Bedroom comes at a price of £64.99 (currently £50.99 AND free delivery on Amazon) and the girls have been desperate to get some playtime with it! It has been sat next to our 'review box' for quite some time, but as they have to behave to earn all the new toys they receive this one sat a little longer than others (because this close to Christmas,  toys with this price tag definitely have to be earned!!) when we finally opened it last week turning half term, the girls (and Jenson) were ecstatic and went into hyper excited mode as the saw me unpackage and set it up for photos, they ran upstairs, and collected the baby dolls, the princess dolls and all the baby clothes they could find (which wasn't many, must add this to the mental Christmas list!)....

As usual, arguments ensued, which actually I always see as a sign of  a good toy, and eventually Jenson gave up, choosing to sit and watch a movie instead of fighting over a doll! Eventually though the girls decided it was much more fun to play together and soon found that instead of arguing over the bed they could fit 2 dolls inside the bed, and that whilst one sorted the blankets, they other could put the clothes away. After Annabell and Cinder's had slept it was of to the park for a picnic and a play with friends!

I wasn't actually quite sure what to expect from the Baby Annabell  Bedroom, as we haven't had any of the toys from the collection before, but it has become THE go to toy, it has had loads of play and is definitely of a quality you would expect from a £65 toy, although I do wish it had come with a couple of doll sized clothes hangers too. The bedroom is aimed at children 3+ and I can see this making a lot of children happy this Christmas!

Disclaimer: We were sent this product in return for this review. All photos and opinions are my own.

We were sent this item in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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