Top 5 Essentials For...Breastfeeding with Chillling With Lucas

I have been wanting to start a guest series for a long time, but could never think of a theme. It then hit me that it had been a really long time since I regularly posted my 5 Ideas For posts, mainly because I ran out of ideas! So, it hit me one afternoon, why not open it out to other bloggers, and ask them their 5 essentials for a topic of their choice.

This week I am handing over the reins to Jenni, she blogs over at Chilling With Lucas and is sharing her 5 essentials for breastfeeding. 

I'm Jenni, a 30 year old first time Mummy to Lucas. We live in Lancashire with my partner D who I have been with for 6 years. I write a family and lifestyle blog, jotting down anything that takes my fancy including our milestones, days out and fashion. My 5 essentials for Breastfeeding are:

Nursing bras and Nursing Vest Tops both for making it easy to feed without completely revealing yourself

Lansinoh Lanolin is the only cream that helped my boobs in the early days of feeling like they were being ripped to shreds.

Lansinoh Breast Pads to protect from any leakages. They are really thin and comfortable but absorbent

Vitabiotics Breastfeeding Tablets. Your body automatically gives what is needed to the baby through your milk so it is important to make sure you are looking after yourself as well.

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