Family Meal Plan #14

Remember a few months ago when I shared with you how I was managing to get our weekly shop for 6 under £30 a week? Well lately I haven't been meal planning and we have been going crazily over budget on our food shop! Its time to rein it back in and start with the meal plans again. Last week I used most of what we already had and our grocery shop cost less than £20! I stuck to the meal plan and we didn't need any mid week shop dashes, apart from needing extra milk due to an obsession with yummy hot chocolates! But hey I am still having a heck of a lot of money making them at home, so an extra carton or 2 of milk is nothing compared to the £20+ I would have spent going to Starbucks!

This week we still have quite a lot in the cupboards and freezer so another cheap week for shopping, I am typing this on Sunday morning and thinking I can get my shop this week for around the £25 mark. Pop over to our YouTube channel to watch my grocery haul and see how well I did, but for now, here is our meal plan for this week. (I will try and remember to embed the video here but in case I forget, which is highly likely just follow the link!)

Lots of lovely, autumnal family friendly meals, most of which I plan on using the slow cooker. And off course it wouldn't be my meal plan if I didn't have a 'use what ya got/freezer meal night'!!


  1. Ahh! We had sausage casserole tonight too...There will be enough for me to have it for lunch tomorrow too! Great meal plan!

  2. I find when i meal plan we waste much less food and spend far less. it's crazy isn't it how spending can get so high?


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