Family Fun with Anki Overdrive

If you have children with quite a big age gap you will know that it is quite hard to find stuff to do as a family in which everyone enjoys themselves, so last weekend we had the chance to head over to London for the very cool Anki Overdrive Christmas event, it was a miracle that we were all as excited as each other! Jenson, 5, was excited to play a racing game. Ellie, 11, excited to try out some new tech before her friends!

Anki OVERDRIVE is described as a combination of "Scalextric, Lego and Mario Kart" making it the world's most intelligent battle-racing game. The level of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the game is unprecedented.

You build tracks, big or small, within seconds and each supercar is a self-aware robot driven by AI.  It's not just a racing game as cars battle each other and each has its own arsenal of weapons that you can control through an app on your mobile device (works with both iOS and Android). With the game being software-driven, players have access to continuous free software updates, as well as new pieces of kit on a regular basis! The brand new SuperTrucks were launched just last month (October 2016)

The magnetic track snaps together quickly. And because it's wireless and durable, you can build your battle track anywhere, your smart device and the Supercars connect automatically and then you are ready to race! With the starter kit (RRP £149.99) you can build up to 8 tracks and with extra kits for available the track of your dreams in not far away! Your smart device and the Supercars connect automatically  available as well as extra cars, the possibilities are endless!

The monsters had so much fun playing with Anki on Saturday and it is most definitely on our Christmas list! Click the Amazon links to get your Anki Overdrive in time for Christmas! Believe me you wont regret it! For more information head to over to the Anki website



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  1. this looks amazing I am SOOOOO jealous! I used to love scalextrix when I was young xx


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