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Welcome back to part two of my Top 5 Essentials, guest blogging series, for details on how you can take part, head to the bottom of this post. In the meantime, I hand over to Beth from Twinderelmo.

Twinderelmo is a family parenting and lifestyle blog founded in October 2013 by the owner Beth. Beth is a 30-something married stay at home parent am based in Shropshire and blogs about her crazy life with her 7 year old son and 3 year old identical twin daughters. This week she is sharing her top 5 essentials for twins!

Car seat bases. Charlie started school when the girls were three months old meaning I had two school runs to do, five days a week meaning there was going to be a LOT of getting in and out of the car each day. I genuinely cannot imagine how I would have done the school run faffing around with seatbelts in the rain - my sanity would have plummeted. They are expensive but two clicks and you’re off. Worth every penny in my opinion.

Car seat compatible pram.  Being able to clip the girls onto the pram meant I could run “quick” errands although with baby twins you don't go anywhere quickly, but if I needed to pop out for nappies I could without waking them to put them in a trolley or lie them in the pram.

Spare EVERYTHING!  I've learned over time you simply cannot have too many nappies, wipes or bibs. Take the pressure off by getting a few extra packs of wipes or accept offers of second hand clothes which always come in handy as man twins can poo!

Individual belongings. It's easy to presume that twins will share everything but you must remember that they are two individual people. They already share a bedroom and face(!) so them having stuff that is just there's and not made to share I think is essential. They are often referred to as one so making them feel an individual is vital and they need stuff they can call their own without always being expected to share.

A break. I was a bit of a martyr when having the girls but as soon as I realised it was ok to ask for help life became much easier. People often presume having kids close together is like having twins - it's not. When you have a baby and a toddler you can put the baby down and chase the toddler but when you're outnumbered it's impossible! I took redundancy when having the girls so have been a stay at home parent it is bloody hard going! A break for all twin parents, whether it be a trip to the supermarket on your own or a trip to the spa, is essential for your own well being. Be kind to yourself

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