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It's no secret that we love to save money, we, as a nation love to grab a bargain. Did you know that with just some simple supermarket swaps, switching up your fizzy drinks or even trying out that wonky veg that everyone is talking about, there are some easy money saving tips that can save your family a whopping £3,700 per year. Sue Hayward, Money and Consumer Expert, said: “If you're looking to save on the family finances, getting value for money is likely to be high on your list. There's lots of small and easy changes families can make to save themselves some serious cash over the course of a year. Savvy moves and simple supermarket swaps, like cutting out expensive fizzy drinks and using a SodaStream for fresh sparkling water on tap will make your money go a whole lot further.”

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Sue has been kind enough to share 10 top money saving tips for families.

1. Switch supermarket brands - If you always buy brands, swap them for supermarket versions.  And if you already buy those, give the ‘budget’ version a go.  Swapping brands in your trolley can knock a third off your bill and save £1,700 a year.

2. Buy ‘wonky’ veg - Buying boxes of ‘wonky veg’ or budget brand salad and vegetables can save over £100 a year.  They may not look pretty but once sliced and chopped you won’t tell the difference in a salad or stir fry.

3. Plan ahead - Pack drinks and snacks for days out to save tantrums in traffic jams or forking out at swimming pool vending machines.  Stock up on multipacks of juice cartons as these can cost £1 a go at petrol stations or cafes; that’s equivalent to £200 a year.

4. Stock up on frozen food - Frozen mince and fish are great for quick dishes like bolognaise or fish pie and save money.  You’ll pay £5 for a fresh pack (500g) of lean mince in Tesco, but the frozen version is £2.80.  That swap alone saves over £50 a year.

5. Shop late in the day - Most supermarkets start reducing the prices of fresh food from midday onwards if it's got a short shelf life.  Check the bargain sections in the fridge aisles for those yellow stickers!  From midday you can get around 25% off with discounts of up to 75% from 7pm onwards.  You can easily save at least a couple of pounds a week popping one or two items in your trolley ready for the freezer which adds up to around £100 a year.

6. Stop those impulse buys - Never go to the supermarket without a list, or when you're hungry and save £150 a year.  Chances are, you'll end up with a trolley full of ‘impulse buys’ and there will probably be an expensive sandwich in there too!

7. Ditch your Friday night takeaway - You won’t get much change from £40 ordering pizza for four so if you still want that weekly treat, stock up in the supermarket for under £10.  This would save over £1500 a year.

8. Stock up on supermarket ‘meal deals’ – Find out about meal deals where you can pick up the mains, sides, dessert and wine. You could bag up to £20 of food for £10 and freeze what you don’t need. This saves £120 a year if you did it once a month.

9. Save on waste - We throw away around £50 of food every month and doing a ‘big shop’ once a week may mean fresh food won’t last.  A supermarket delivery pass costs £6 a month and saves time and money as you can do two smaller shops each week, saving you over £500 a year.

10. Switch your fizzy drinks - Try using a SodaStream for fresh sparkling water on tap, making water more exciting, as well as keeping the kids entertained. Add your own choice of flavours or fresh fruit like a slice of lemon and save £300 a year.

With this last tip in mind SodaStream were kind enough to send us our very own SodaStream Power (currently reduced from £149 to £109.99 on Amazon) to try out. SodaStream has easy-to-use Sparkling Water Makers to suit every countertop, and each machine comes with everything you need to begin making sparkling water at home!

Each Soda Maker comes with either a plastic carbonating bottle or a glass carbonating bottle. All of the bottles are safe, reusable and uniquely designed, allowing you to save up to 1000 bottles and cans a year using just one SodaStream bottle. Every Sparkling Water Maker also comes with a Gas Cylinder that puts the “bubbles” into your water. Choose to serve it up plain or add a little flavour and choose from  over 40 better-for-you flavours.


We have mostly been using our Sodastream Power to make fruity fizzy water, from everything from a plain and simple orange infused water, to a more imaginative, strawberry, cucumber and mint infused water. The sodastream never fails to amaze the monsters as they screech in excitement as it works its magic! And I can definitely say that we have upped our water intake as a result, which must be a good thing right? 

We have had our sodastream for 2 weeks now, and in that time we would usually have bought 2 bottles of dilute juice (for the kids) and up to 4 maybe 5 bottles of fizzy pop (for me, before anyone judges!) and we have actually only used half a bottle of dilute juice and 1 bottle of fizzy pop. OK so we are maybe spending a little more on fruit to to make our fruity waters, but a big bag of lemons and limes only costs around £1.30 and has lasted for about a week and a half, which is still half the cost of my usual 7Up or Dr Pepper!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in return for this blog post, all product opinions are my own.


  1. awww I loved soda stream as a kid. my grandparents had one so as soon as we got there (they live in Cardiff ) they'd make one up for us. fab post with some great ideas x

  2. Some great ideas here, I already do most but you've given me a couple more to try. I really want a soda stream x

  3. Wow Soda Streams have changed so much since I was a kid and I think they just made unhealthy drinks. My kids don't like fizzy but I'm addicted to Diet Coke so this would be soooooo much better for me


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