Jam Jar Lanterns with #BostikBloggers

It will soon be Bonfire night, one of my favourite nights of the year! Every year we go to the display and every year one of the monsters kicks off, they want a toy, they want to go on the heaving with 50 kids bouncy castle, they want more food, they want another drink, they are cold, they are tired, they are scared of the dark (they aren't, they sleep every night with no lights on!) so this year we have made plans to take the car, park up in the closest car park and have a Bonfire Night picnic in the boot of the car (we have a 7 seater and can remove the back seats thus making space for little bums to sit and eat, and watch said fireworks peacefully! To make it a little bit of a nicer space, you know, the boot of a car isn't exactly luxurious, we have made these jam jar lanterns for the monsters to take. You can even remove the pipe cleaner handles when you are done and decorate windows and fireplaces with them for the rest of Autumn.

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To make your own jam jar lanterns you will need:

Jam jars (at least 2, and 1 needs a lid so you can  mix your glue)
Bostik Glue
Patterned fabric, artificial leaves, sequins

Once your jars are dry, twist a couple of pipe cleaners around the lip of the jar to make a handle, now you can take them out, ours will be coming on our car picnic but as I thought they also look great on our fireplace too. 

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