A Tough Decision To Make #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

Sorry to any reader who isn't a blogger, apologies to any bloggers who don't even know of #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, this post isn't really for you. I don't mind if you click away..honest I don't.

Because this post is mostly an apology  to anyone who links up regular to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Its an apology to Clare, my wonderful co-host, who manages to host week after week. She also manages to comment, week after week, and then there is me. I have become very flippant about posting, I rarely get time to comment (but trust me I do read every post linked up, usually on my phone, in bed on a weekend night, when to be honest I either can't comment or when I'm just to tired to comment.) 

You see I don't think my heart is in it right now.

I think its time to make a decision, about the future of #ToddlerApprovedTuesday over here at 3 Princesses and 1 Dude.

I need to take a break, and maybe never return.

I want to get back time to link up with other linkies, I want time to read blogs, I want time to comment on blogs, and I'm afraid the upkeep of a linky interferes with that.

So for now it is farewell. And thank you to anyone who has ever linked up with us and shared the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday love!


  1. Aw, I've such happy memories of #toddlerapprovedtuesday when we hosted together, also some not so fond ones when we were up against the clock and those pesky comments needed to be done 😂 I know how much thought you'd have put into this decision. I hope you manage to get what you need by leaving/having a break. Good luck xxx

  2. aww, I was just about to ask you on FB if it was taking a break or not. Sorry to see it going but we'll always be here to re-link if you ever bring it back xx

  3. Aw this is why I've not found the link up the past 2 months - missing it already but you have to do the right thing for you and your family


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