Halloween Popcorn Mix

Its challenge week over on Kids Make and Bake Club and we have been challenged to come up with last minute Halloween ideas. The monsters decided they wanted to make a popcorn mix, they are currently obsessed with popcorn mixes, and this one is perfect for a Halloween movie night.

What you need:
Halloween potato snacks (we got ours from Poundland and Lidl, but have seen them in most supermarkets)
Halloween chocolates
Jelly worms

Start of your base with popcorn and some potato snacks, then add the other bits from there. Watch the monsters video to see how we did it...

It makes the perfect snack for a party or movie night.


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Top Tips For The Perfect Kids Halloween Party

I can't believe we are just days away from Halloween! We are having our annual Halloween party over the weekend, and we are all super excited! I thought I would share my top tips for creating the perfect Halloween party for kids.

Encouraging A Tidy Bedroom With Minene Laundry Basket

I've spoken a couple of times about chores for children, and I have a whole video chatting about it on our YouTube channel coming soon (will replace with a link once it goes live!) the girls, 4 and 3 are now at an age where they can start helping to keep their room a little tidier, one way we have been encouraging this is with this funky new laundry basket from Minene.

The Minene laundry basket (£32) comes in 6 different designs, from a cute pale pink to a funky monochrome chevron. As the girls bedroom is currently deep plum and grey (it used to be our bedroom an we haven't gotten round to decorating!) the grey chevron was the perfect choice for us.  Made from cotton the basket has built in handles for easy transport and is lightweight, durable and practical. This is the perfect accessory to brighten up any room and has the added bonus that it folds flat when not in use...not that there is ever an empty wash basket in this house! 

Now my girls love to get themselves changed about a thousand times a day so when I popped this in their room they got straight to work filling it with the random clothes they found dotted around the bedroom, hiding in toy boxes, squashed in between books on the book shelf, tucked into the end of the bed...you know the usual hiding places!

The laundry hamper fits in perfectly in their bedroom and looks great too. We have had it for a week now and as of yet, I haven't found any clothes in places they shouldn't be! It really has encouraged the girls to keep their room tidy...although it wouldn't be a child's room with a teddy or 2 on the floor right!

We were sent this product in return for an honest review.

We were sent this item in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

Chad Valley Remote Control Excavator Review

If you saw my last post you will know we are very excited to announce that we are on the brand new Chad Valley Play Panel,  this month our play package included this awesome Remote Control Excavator (RRP £29.99, currently £23.99).

Tatamiz Character Play Mats | Review

We were recently asked to review the Tatamiz range of character play mats. We were given the option of choosing our design and it was a tough choice between Paw Patrol and Frozen, but eventually the choice was made (IE: the girls won!) and our Frozen Puzzle Play Mat was on its way.

Angry Birds Popcorn Mix

Tonight we are having an Angry Birds movie night, and I wanted to make some Angry Birds inspired movie snacks. The first snack I made was this popcorn mix inspired by the Angry Birds. Come back in a couple of days to find more snack ideas.

Messy Goes To OKIDO Talking Messy Monster | Review

There isn't much that keeps this house quite, so when the weekend comes just 5 minutes of peace where I can grab a coffee and a 5 minute breather from the madness of 4 monsters running around! This 5 minutes comes at exactly 11.50, when the monsters favourite little monster comes on TV. Messy Goes To OKIDO...

Disclaimer: we were sent this product in return for this review.

Saving Money with SodaStream Power

It's no secret that we love to save money, we, as a nation love to grab a bargain. Did you know that with just some simple supermarket swaps, switching up your fizzy drinks or even trying out that wonky veg that everyone is talking about, there are some easy money saving tips that can save your family a whopping £3,700 per year. Sue Hayward, Money and Consumer Expert, said: “If you're looking to save on the family finances, getting value for money is likely to be high on your list. There's lots of small and easy changes families can make to save themselves some serious cash over the course of a year. Savvy moves and simple supermarket swaps, like cutting out expensive fizzy drinks and using a SodaStream for fresh sparkling water on tap will make your money go a whole lot further.”

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A Tough Decision To Make #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

Sorry to any reader who isn't a blogger, apologies to any bloggers who don't even know of #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, this post isn't really for you. I don't mind if you click away..honest I don't.

Because this post is mostly an apology  to anyone who links up regular to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Its an apology to Clare, my wonderful co-host, who manages to host week after week. She also manages to comment, week after week, and then there is me. I have become very flippant about posting, I rarely get time to comment (but trust me I do read every post linked up, usually on my phone, in bed on a weekend night, when to be honest I either can't comment or when I'm just to tired to comment.) 

You see I don't think my heart is in it right now.

I think its time to make a decision, about the future of #ToddlerApprovedTuesday over here at 3 Princesses and 1 Dude.

I need to take a break, and maybe never return.

I want to get back time to link up with other linkies, I want time to read blogs, I want time to comment on blogs, and I'm afraid the upkeep of a linky interferes with that.

So for now it is farewell. And thank you to anyone who has ever linked up with us and shared the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday love!

5 Ideas For...Family Halloween Movies

Its almost time! Its almost my most favourite time of year (second to Christmas of course!) Halloween is on its way and as our most favourite thing to do is have a family movie night I thought I would share some family favourite Halloween movies.

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links, I've done the searching so you don't have too! Just click through to buy, it doesn't cost you any extra but I receive a small amount of commission in return for sharing Amazons links*

The prices listed are correct as of 08/10/2016, I am not responsible for any fluctuation in price. If you do spot an incorrect price, ket me know in the comments below and I will correct as soon I can!

Dracula, Escape the Castle #AD

Hosted by renowned TV presenter, Brendan Moar (“The Renovators”), the series, based on the escape room trend, features brave contestants from around the world, as they race against time to escape Dracula’s infamous castle in Transylvania, before the ‘Lord of Darkness’ traps them forever! Dracula, Escape the Castle will run consecutively on Insight TV (Sky channel 564) every Sunday at 9pm for ten episodes.

Dracula, Escape the Castle is an original, bloodcurdling gameshow which sees two duos trapped within an authentic Romanian castle, with only one night to escape ‘Dracula’. The contestants vary from lovers and family members, to best friends and colleagues. Locked inside the castle walls by charismatic host, Brendan Moar, duos must escape by completing various mental and physical challenges.

In each episode, the two couples face three stages of being locked in room, with the ultimate goal of escaping in the fastest time. The fastest couple to escape the first two rooms, gain a 30 second time advantage in the final stage. This final is a frantic race to ignite a giant bat silhouette on the castle courtyard.

Dracula is a game of skill, courage and trust: skill to escape the rooms; courage to find clues; and trust in your fellow teammate. To survive, contestants will have to utilise their skills and face their worst fears!

Find out more:  http://l12.eu/insighttvdracula-953-au/@userCode:


Jam Jar Lanterns with #BostikBloggers

It will soon be Bonfire night, one of my favourite nights of the year! Every year we go to the display and every year one of the monsters kicks off, they want a toy, they want to go on the heaving with 50 kids bouncy castle, they want more food, they want another drink, they are cold, they are tired, they are scared of the dark (they aren't, they sleep every night with no lights on!) so this year we have made plans to take the car, park up in the closest car park and have a Bonfire Night picnic in the boot of the car (we have a 7 seater and can remove the back seats thus making space for little bums to sit and eat, and watch said fireworks peacefully! To make it a little bit of a nicer space, you know, the boot of a car isn't exactly luxurious, we have made these jam jar lanterns for the monsters to take. You can even remove the pipe cleaner handles when you are done and decorate windows and fireplaces with them for the rest of Autumn.

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More Num Noms Inspired Recipes For Kids #WackyBakers

You may remember way back at the beginning of summer we shared 3 Num Noms inspired snacks for kids. Well the Num Noms are back with some all new characters in series 2 We have been busy in the kitchen coming up with three more recipes, perfect for Num Noms lovers!

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