Mermaid Sensory Bin/Messy Play

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know my monsters love a bit of mess! A messy sensory bin is most definitely the most favourite invitation to play in this house, I thought an under the sea themed sensory bin would be the perfect way to make use of a tub of blue hair gel that has been hanging around in the bathroom cabinet for the last few years! Obviously, this activity is NOT taste safe so be sure to not try this with babies or toddler who like to taste everything!

Our invitation to play was small and simple, yet bright and very inviting, the mini monsters could not wait to get their hands in!

To set up your own mermaid messy play/sensory bin you need:

Blue hair gel (the cheap 1980's kind works best!) 
Blue Glitter 
Mermaid dolls
Sea animals
Small container, we used a large lunchbox. It was just big enough for 2 sets of little hands to reach in!

There isn't anything fancy about this, as you know I love the simple and quick to make/set up activities the best, use an old spoon to get all of the gel out of the pot and into your container, tap the container on the table a few times to level out the gel and then sprinkle lots of glitter and give it a stir to mix it all up!

Add the mermaids and sea animals and you're ready to play!

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