Halloween Tin Can Alley

It's September, and almost the end of the month at that so I am sure that you won't mind me talking Halloween! The shops are full of tricks and treats, but you can also make so much stuff from the comfort of your own home and costs from as little as looking in the recycling box! This tan can alley game is a fun make or kids and is perfect for a Halloween party too!

You Need:
6 tin cans
Felt in a choice of Halloween colours

Now just cut your felt to size and cut out the features for your chosen characters. Starting with the base and then the features, stick it all onto the clean (remember to sand the rim) tin can. Leave them to dry, pile in a pyramid, grab a ball and you are ready to play!

Why not set it outside on Halloween night, half fill them with treats and make those trick or treaters work for their treats, they win what they empty!!

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  1. this looks great. We don't realy go in for Halloween here but I might set up something like this on a different theme :-)

  2. What a great idea and way to utilise your recycling. The designs look really simple to make but are really effective - perfect for getting your toddler involved!
    Potty Adventures

  3. These are so cute and I would love to make them...
    ...if I didn't have an actual fear of tin cans.
    (I wish I was joking)!

  4. This is such a fab idea!! I'd never have thought to do something like this! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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