6 Back To School Hacks For Mum's and Dad's

We are back at school and I thought I would share with you 6 last minute back to school hacks, to help get your school run year off to a cracking start!

1. Help children learn to put their shoes on the right feet with this simple trick. Get a large sticker and cut it in half, and a little like a jigsaw puzzle they need to marry the stickers together.  Voila,  shoes, right feet, every time!

2. Stop the sock mix up, by using a permanent marker pen to mark white school socks with a small dot inside the elastic tops, no more 'measuring' them up against each other to see who's white socks are the little ones and who's are the big one's school socks! Black socks? Sew a dash of coloured cotton into the top hem instead!

3. Fed up of the 'that's my book bag' argument? Use a fun kids luggage tag, or keyring to fasten around the handle. This will also make lunch boxes easier to find at school, without having to ruin them with marker pen names!

4. Download a fun timer app and set it for different parts of the morning. Kids love a race and an app make it visual so they can see how much time they have left!

5. Put a small beaker or scoop in each cereal box so that kids can prep their own breakfast, since we did this all the kids now eat all of their breakfast because they think they made it! Even Elsie joins in!

6. Put a sheet of sticker's in your children's book bag, when they have read their book/done their homework and you have written a comment in the little book, let them chose a sticker to stick in the comment box. We found this a really good incentive for Jenson last year, I mean show me a child who doesn't love a sticker!

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