MyStyle Wire Craft Rings | Review

A few weeks ago we were sent the MyStyle Wire Craft Rings to have a play with and, I'm going to be honest, regular readers will know I went AWOL for a while, and if you follow my Instagram you will know that for the last 6 weeks we have all been ill, what started off as colds and sickness bugs has descended into chicken pox and conjunctivitis. And of course it couldn't all happen together, oh no, instead it was one after the other resulting in me being more than a tired Mumma, I was physically exhausted and blogging, reviews, videos suffered and they came to a halt. Anyways back to the review...

Ellie was really excited to receive this, as she reaches her early teen years she is becoming more focused on jewellery and makeup and all things teen! So it was nice to find something that still kept her creative side whilst focusing on her new found loves.

The MyStyle Wire Craft Rings set (rrp £8.99) includes everything you need to make 8 rings, including three lengths of jewellery wire (two silver and one purple), a pair of pliers, a ring forming tool and a bag beads and decorations, as well as a fully illustrated step by step manual. All you need is a pair of scissors or wire cutters to cut the wire and a ruler or tape measure. The booklet contains 8 projects, the 24-page colour illustrated activity guide will show you exactly how it’s done!

I'm afraid we don't have any pictures of us actually crafting as Ellie needed my help to make the rings and well, we weren't very good at it! This was no fault of the set or the instruction booklet, as the booklet has pictures as well as written instructions. We were just rubbish! As you can see from our attempt below.

Maybe we don't have the patience. Maybe we aren't creative enough. I don't know. We will try again with maybe a simpler design (Pinterest here we come!)

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