Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll Review

Hands up who loves Minnie Mouse? I am yet to meet anybody who doesn't love Minnie and her bestest bud Mickey! So Imagine the mini monsters delight when they received one of the brand new Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls from IMC toys.

There are 3 Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls to collect, Beach Beautiful, Fashion Fun and Like A Princess. Each set comes with three different outfits and  fun accessories to ensure lots of fun is had!

We received the Like A Princess set and all 3 monsters have had fun playing with Minnie and getting her ready for all sorts of events, she has been to birthday parties, balls and all sorts of special events that only Princesses get invited too!

Minnie and all of her accessories are made of chunky thick plastic and the dresses are thick yet flexible enabling even the smallest of my monsters hands to dress her independently!

We made a little video of Elsie playing with Minnie for the first time, she did struggle at first but after lots of practice and play she can now get Minnie ready for her parties at the speed off light!

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  1. Definitely something G would love, she's forever taking clothes on and off dolls. All. Day. Long.....drives me mad though when she keeps asking me to put them back on.


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