Easy DIY Stackable Stationery Pots

I have an admission to make...our craft shelf is a mess...a real diabolical MESS. It needs a little bit of organisation and I have been trying to think of fun DIY's that cost little money. Then one day after shopping and whilst I was in the kitchen unpacking our tins of beans and tomatoes the idea for a stackable stationery console hit me. It's something that can be added too easily when needs be, a great space saver as it stacks upwards and will look great on a desk too...

To make your own stationary stacker you need:
Tin cans (6 plus works best, for a pyramid effect, except we haven't got that far yet!)
Patterned Paper/Scraps of wallpaper etc
Bostik Glue

We are in the process of sorting out Ellie a desk for all her school bits now she has started high school, and been a tween can be kinda hard to impress sometimes, but even she was impressed with this..and even called it 'very tumblr', whatever that means...


  1. These are really impressive and I love how you have decorated them x

  2. I adore this idea, what a great way to keep all your stationary tidy. It's so personal too

  3. My kid is crazy for crafts. He always wants something new to try out. I will recommend these stackable stationary pots to him.


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