DIY Felt Fishing Game

The last Bank Holiday of the year is near (well if we don't count Christmas!) and well, lets face it here in the UK we know that that means just one is gonna rain! I mean, come on, if rain is guaranteed at any time during the year it is always gonna be a Bank Holiday or Glastonbury weekend! So here is a quick and easy DIY fishing game that is so easy to make and is guaranteed to keep little ones busy on a rainy day.

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What you need:
A4 Felt (a colour for each player)
Fish template drawn on card
Paper straws (1 for each player)
Magnets - self-adhesive

This really is so easy and so quick to make, just follow the simple steps below and you can have your game ready to play in under 10 minutes!

**Sorry for my awful explaining, hopefully you will see the next picture and know what the heck I am talking about!**

And then you are ready to play, we set our fishing game up on a blanket and added some sea life stickers (for no other reason than to make it look pretty!) Then we grabbed our fishing rods and went fishing! 

We played it 2 different ways, first to collect all 6 of your colour fish, then we decided to catch one of each colour fish.

What was great about this was they didn't feel the need to be the winner, and, I mean come on, to play a game where children are happy the whole way through! At least in our house it takes a miracle! 

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  1. Love this Becky such a fab idea....and yep raining here!

  2. I did not know you could get self adhesive magnets! So going to have a look for some as this looks so simple and so fab! Xx


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