Dream Cruise Destinations

In the midst of Summer and all over Instagram I keep seeing these lucky bloggers on their cruises. Not gonna lie I am more than a little bit jealous and I am not the only one me and my blogging bestie got talking about our cruise envy and realised we should totally become cruise buddies! But where would we go? Where would we visit! Which cruise could we choose? I headed over to Planet Cruise to have a looksy at what I could find....

So I may be an adult but I ain't gonna lie, my first choice of cruise would totally be a Disney Cruise! The Disney Life Mediteranian Cruise takes in the sights of Italy, a place I have always wanted to visit, joint with everything Disney on board the ship and that's it...My dream holiday right there!  

Another place I really want to visit is Iceland. I watched a vlog on YouTube from my favourite vlogger's, The Michalaks, and they visited Iceland earlier this year. The scenery was stunning, so why not take all of that in via a cruise ship!

It wouldn't be a dream destinations list without a little bit of luxurious dreaming going on. And you can't get more head in the clouds than a 24 night cruise from Dubai, through Egypt, Italy and Portugal before getting back home. I mean, people really get to go on these kinds of holidays (and here I am stuck in a tent near Great Yarmouth!!) and through browsing Planet Cruise, I realised its actually cheaper than I thought it was, it's quite affordable, well affordable if you are even capable of saving money!

Written in collaboration with Planet Cruise

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