Confessions Of A Summer Parent (More Mummy Confessions!)

You may remember back in January I shared with you 10 of my biggest Mummy Confessions. With the summer holidays fast approaching I thought I would share a few more confessions, this time, in a tongue in cheek tips format! So sit back and take a look at my confessions of a summer parent...

1. Bribery...I mean erm...yeah bribery!

The house is a mess, you need to get out the house BUT the kids are more interested in playing. The temptation of the park isn't enough to tear them away from the Lego. There is always one thing that will ensure that my monsters do what I want and straight away too! All it takes is a call of 'You can have ANYTHING you want from the green shop' and the toys are away faster than you can say 'Poundland!'. Thankfully our local store sells makeup so this little tip even works on Ellie too!!

2. Positive reinforcement using marshmallows and chocolate coins!

My kids are marshmallow monsters, and show me a kid who doesn't love a chocolate coin! So when they do something offaf their own back, they get to dip their hand in the treats jar.

3. Trips to B&Q and the pet shop. 

With 4 kids days out aren't cheap. But walking down to the pet shop and B&Q? Well they are free!

4. Chuck them out in the garden!

My final confession involves the garden, a cocktail (or cup of tea!) and Netflix! I always find that after a day of madness you can kick the kids into the garden with an ice cream whilst you slop onto the sofa with a slushy cocktail (or tea!) and catch one of your fave episodes on Netflix (I generally think an ice cream takes say 15 minutes to eat, and you can probably get about 30 minutes of outdoor unsupervised play before they start fighting = 1 episode of Pretty Little Liars!!!) before the madness starts again! 

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