Moshi Monster Number Sentences. Maths Fun For Kids

The monsters love their collection of Moshi Monsters, and after recently sharing a photo on Instagram we got asked what we do with them. So I thought I would share some simple play ideas that get the kids learning as well as playing. This number sentence activity was something Jenson came up with by himself, although we have done similar in the past.

What you need:
Moshi Monsters 

Jenson collected some paper, then found a little tray and put some of his Moshi Monsters on it and filled his empty cup with a selection of pens (not sure why!) 

Then he asked me to write him some number sentences and he set about working out the answers using the Moshi Monsters to help him.

He went through so many pieces of paper as this kept him busy for about an hour, longer than his toy cars had, longer than he played out on his scooter, longer than he had spent playing on his Ipad. 

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