Money Recognition Busy Bag

All of my monsters are OBSESSED with pennies! If you leave coins laying around and then can't find them the chances are you will find them in a play purse or bag in the toy box! Jenson has also been learning about coins at school so is obsessed with asking us 'what's this?' 'what money is this?' 'how much is this coin?' get the idea! Anyhow to enhance their learning I came up with this simple busy box.

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To make your own money recognition busy box you will need:

Coins (plastic or real)
Sticky tape (or a laminator)

Box or bag to keep it all stored together

Start by laminating or sticky taping the tissues so they can't be ripped, I also sorted through the snap game to find all cards with just one or two of the same coin on.

Together we talked about the coins and matched them up to the cards. The monsters loved filling up the purses with the notes and coins, and would you believe by the end of the week we had double the amount of coins we started with!

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