8 Foods To Feed Your Child When They Are Sick

As I start typing this it is 3.27am on a hot and humid summer Tuesday morning in the UK. We are in the middle of a heatwave, and the temperature right now (according to Google weather) is 17c and humidity has hit 85%, whatever that means. Evie has been poorly since Sunday, she had been playing outside, with her sunhat and suncream on and a constant supply of cold drinks when suddenly decided she had enough and she came inside to sit on the sofa, half an hour later she fell asleep, ten minutes into her sleep she woke up and vomited all over the sofa, since then it has been a blur of cleaning up sick, taking temperatures with our Braun Thermoscan and administering paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Anyways back to now, so for the last few hours she has been struggling, the vomiting has passed the stage of bringing anything up and she is literally vomiting her stomach lining, I needed to get some food down her. I struggled to find much information on the internet, so I made her some toast with a slight spread of spread and cut it up into soldiers for her, then decided it would be a good idea to maybe write a post for other parents with the same predicament. What can I give my child to eat when she is sick?

Disclaimer: I am in no way medically trained this is just my own opinion from what I have viewed on the internet and personal experience.

1. Toast

Preferably plain, although I knew there was no chance of Evie eating a plain bit of toasted bread so I added  a small spread of butter jut to moisten the toast a little.

2. Plain Biscuits

Digestives are the most commonly suggested, although I gave Evie a plain oaty style hob nob biscuit and that seemed to settle her stomach.

3. Dry Cereal

I hadn't thought of this, but dry cereal is one of my monsters favourite snacks so is certainly worth a try.

4. Plain Rice Cakes

Stick with plain flavoured rice cakes, flavoured ones may irritate a little ones tum again.

5. Simple Broth Based Soup

Keep it simple, no one wants to be throwing up mountainous lumps of veg (or cleaning it up or that matter!)*

*sorry for the visual now in your head!

6. Dry Crackers

7. Banana Pancakes

Apparently bananas are easy on your stomach and because of the potassium content they are a great choice when sick.

If all else fails,

8. Water

When food isn't settling be sure to keep your little one hydrated small sips of room temperature water is best for their stomach.

I would love to know what you feed your little one when they are sick, let me know in the comments below.

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