S'mores Topped Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream | Recipe

This week for half term, I was expecting a heatwave, I had envisioned a week of sunny days playing in the garden and walks on the beach enjoying ice creams and ice lollies to keep us cool. I had also promised the monsters that we would make our own ice cream so when the first day of us being home alone with the hubby back in work, came off course they remembered. Did they care that it was cold, very wet and windy outside? Did they heck! So in a bid to bring a little bit of summery sunshine to our days we made this ever so yummy and very easy Rocky Road Icecream...

What you need:

1 can condensed milk
600ml double cream
1tbsp vanilla essence
handful mini marshmallows
4 digestive biscuits
8 blocks of milk chocolate
Hot Shots Chocolate sauce

To serve:
Melted chocolate or chocolate sauce
Big marshmallows
Crushed graham crackers (Live in the UK? Try 1 digestive biscuit and 1 rich tea biscuit crushed and mixed)

In a mixer pour half a can of condensed milk (around 200g), 600ml double cream and 1 tbsp vanilla essence blend until thick, add a squeeze of chocolate sauce and blend again.

Depending on how thick the mixture has gotten you may need to freeze it for a couple of hours before continuing.

Break up the biscuits and chocolate into small pieces DO NOT CRUSH THEM COMPLETELY!

Add the chocolate pieces, marshmallows, and biscuits, one at a time to the ice cream mixture, use a spatula and gently fold them in.

Add some teeny tiny marshmallows, chocolate shavings and more chocolate sauce to the top of your 'almost ice-cream' mixture for a 'professional' look!

Put in the freezer for around 4-6 hours, or until firm.

Before serving toast some marshmallows just enough to burn the tops (yum!), serve a scoop of rocky road ice cream with a toasted marshmallow topping, a drizzle of melted chocolate and a sprinkle of the crushed biscuit.


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  1. Ohh! Yum! That looks so good! Who needs warm weather to enjoy ice-cream anyway. hehehe


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