Toilet Roll Tube and Ribbon Threading Busy Bag

This was one of the monsters favourite things to do when they were small, I am trying to cut down Elsies afternoon nap, from 2 hours to 1 hour and thought this would be a perfect activity to grab to sit on the sofa and have some quiet time before her nap.

What you need:

Ribbon, preferably the wider kind.
Toilet roll tubes

Washi tape, felt pens etc for decorating. Blue tack (optional) 

I got Ellie to decorate our tubes as a little project for her after school one night, she did a great job don't you think? You don't even have to decorate the tubes, but they do look nicer and more inviting if you do! I also added a round of blue tack to the end of the ribbon to attach it to the bottom of the first tube to stop them all falling off. Don't  do this if you think your little one will put it in their mouth, we don't want anyone choking.

I put all of our bits in a box ready to grab just before Elsie's nap. She really enjoyed this busy box, it did exactly what it says on the tin and kept her busy for ages! She was so proud, every time she got one on she would let out a little ''woohhoo'' it was so funny!

This was a  great activity for promoting development of Elsie's fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. It also helped her practice her counting and colours as she talked about each bead as she thread them.

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  1. You're right, decorating those tubes makes them look so much more inviting! We'll definitely decorate some and get this activity back out :)


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