Phonics Fun Busy Bag

Last week I found these Scrabble people in the charity shop, I swipe them from the shelve as fast as I saw them and then we got home and, of course, I put them down and kind of forgot about them! Then last week at the car boot we saw some Usborne Books Phonics Flashcards (for 50p!) and I thought they would make the perfect busy bag paired together! 

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To make your own fun with phonics busy bag you will need:

Lowercase lettering, I have no idea where to get the Scrabble people from, despite looking everywhere! I have linked to some similar lowercase letters you could use instead below.

This activity was so easy to set up, I used a Melissa and Doug wooden food crate that I kept a few Christmasses ago! I forgot all about it but found it on a recent tidy up session storing some old stickers!

The great thing about the Scrabble people is that they interlink and 'hold hands'. It was a great way to learn how to sound out the words by making all the letters hold hands! Unfortunately though we can only do one word at a time due to only having one of each letter.

Of course though with my monsters everything becomes a fight, a fight over letters, a fight over the this is most definitely an independent activity for one person and depending on their stage can be done independently or with an adult. Evie loves sitting with me to do this busy bag, whereas Jenson prefers to sit by himself.

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