5 Ideas For...Busy Bags For Babies

I love busy bags, self-contained educational toys and  learning games for children that are easy to pack or pull out when you to play with. Busy bags are great for home and on the go! As something to grab whilst you are cooking dinner, when the kids say 'I'm bored!'. They are a great quiet activity for when your younger children are napping, and they are awesome for packing in a handbag or changing bag to take with you for a quick activity at restaurants etc. Here are 5 of my favourite busy bags, or activities that can be easily adapted to become a busy bag for babies under 18 months...

1. Baby Music Bin | Busy Toddler

2. Touch and Feel Sensory Sticks | The Baby Bump Diaries

3. Easter Egg Sound Shakers | Living Montessori Now

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  1. some good ideas here. We have a couple of busy bags too that are well used x


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