#TweetABeat with the NEW Bratz Remix Dolls

The Bratz girls are back for 2016! This season Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha are back with new looks and funky headphones and a mobile phone so they can listen to their favourite tracks on the move!

We were kindly sent Pop Princess Cloe, who really likes to dance about to the latest and greatest sounds (a little bit like my Evie and Elsie...who are currently obsessed with the Bieber!) There are also 3 other dolls in the remix collection, Yasmin likes to relax to acoustic covers, Sasha loves boogie-ing to her dance remixes and Jade loves to keep moving, so her music has to be high-energy electro-pop to keep her going!

Which doll would suit you and your kids?

In return for our cool new Bratz Remix doll we promised to answer the following musical questions! I had a feeling before we started that I would get the same answers to all the questions...

What song makes you happy? 

Let It Go!

What song makes you want to dance?

Sorry - Justin Beiber

What song makes you want to sing?

Let It Go!

What song reminds you of your favourite people? 

Let It Go! and Justin Beiber...and cheerleader...and Gangnam style...

...I did say I would get the same answers didn't I!!!

You can join in too, use the hashtag #TweetABeat over on Twitter and be sure to follow the Bratz girls (@Bratz_UK) to suggest songs and win prizes.

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