PLL, Kisstory and Food Styling! #LittleLoves April 2016

One thing that is helping me adjust to life with anxiety is remembering, or at least trying to, the good things. So when I can feel myself getting anxious I try to think of the good things from that day, something from yesterday. April was particularly tough for me, especially the first couple of weeks being half term, so I started writing this blog post to get me through it. I got through the end of half term, of course, but only just. I am lucky to have good friends I can message at a moment's notice who will reply instantly and help me calm myself down.


Let's Talk Mommy blog. I got the bug for Jenny's blog a month or so ago when I started joining the Share With Me linky, then a couple of weeks ago I watched her food styling 101 video and it kind of sparked something inside of me and now I literally can not stay away from her blog, as I look through her posts and all of Jenny's photography I feel a little fire of inspiration burning away!

Which leads me onto my next read...I am working my way through my food styling tips pin board, soaking in every bit of info I can find.

Listening To.

Kisstory. No word of a lie, I am pretty much obsessed! I have even got the monsters loving it! If I am feeling a little bit shitty I just hit channel 714 on the Freeview box and I and the kids have a little boogie whilst I remember some good times with friends...oh wait...did I just say boogie? That is it, I am definitely turning into my Mother!


Pretty Little Liars. I have been getting plenty of early nights in so that I can snuggle down into my duvet and have PLL marathons before I fall to sleep! But shhh don't ruin it! I've just started season 3 and whilst I have a thousand questions and want to google spoilers, I also don't want it ruined!


This month I have been LOVING my grey wrap, perfect for the warm one minute, baltic the next April weather we had! Secondly, I am mad for my new cream cowl neck oversized poncho jumper. It looks great with a pair of black skinny jeans and a tan coloured long sleeved top underneath. I am also madly in love with my new leopard print boots! So comfy and actually they look great with anything, they definitely brighten up a black outfit!

Lastly, my fave outfit of the month was definitely the pinafore dress and long sleeved stripe top that I wore to BlogOn! I was really worried about being too old for it, but I went for it and I am so glad I did! The whole outfit cost me less than £20...what a bargain!

Leopard print boots - Lunar £49.99
Black Pinafore - New Look £12 in the sale, still available online
Striped top - Charity Shop £2.99
Black Tights - Tesco £4


I made the most amazing spaghetti dish just last week! It was so soooooooooo good! All of the monsters demolished it so that must be a good thing! One of our afterschool craft sessions led to this super cute butterfly wall hanging been made. I love it so much! And it  still has pride of place in our hallway!

I got my craft on for #BostikBloggers and made this miniature fairy garden windchime for the monsters playhouse. It hasn't quite made its way to the playhouse though as the rain has stopped any outdoor play (our garden gets very waterlogged!)  Lastly, we got our bake on this month for the Kids Make and Bake Club, we made these delicious looking (and tasting!) strawberry cupcakes

And lastly...

My biggest little love this month has been our YouTube channel. I really love our little corner of the internet, and our YouTube is currently my favourite place to share. If you haven't already we would love for you to come and check us out, don't forget to subscribe if you like what you see!

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  1. Jenny's blog is fantastic isn't it? She's a friend of mine and I love spending time with her she's full of ideas and creativity.
    Loving your outfit! That pinafore really suits you x


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