What Is The Weather Coat Hooks and Welly Pegs #BostikBloggers

Ahhh...the great British weather, the biggest cause of Mum problems since year dot, well mine anyway! If you aren't from the UK then I will give you a couple of examples...

Number 1) Literally after the coldest and rainiest April I have ever known the last 2 week's we have had snow with freezing temperatures and a heat wave! You seriously could not make it up! Which, let alone being frustrating for us, is highly frustrating when you have little ones who are obsessed with a certain spring jacket and you have to tell them they can't wear it because it's snowing...in May! So then they finally get over the whole jacket thing and become obsessed with their new furry hooded coat and they just want to wear their winter coat all the time...except then you're in the middle of a heat wave and the 3-year-old wants to wear her Eskimo coat because ''yesterday you said it was too cold!''

Number 2) The whole toddler 'welly-gate' us parents have to deal with WHY ARE BOTH WELLIES NEVER TOGETHER WHEN YOU NEED THEM TO BE! Both of theses mum-mares have inspired this months #BostikBloggers post!

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To make your own coat hook and matching welly pegs you will need:

Weather stickers (or coloured craft foam to make your own weather shapes)
Wooden pegs
Coat hooks, the one I used was from Poundland
Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen

This is a super easy make and is perfect for promoting independence and encouraging little ones to make the right choices, and is also a great way to teach little ones how to keep their belonging's tidy and together, a simple task that all children will need to understand when they start school!

Evie absolubtly loves her new coat rail and welly pegs and I have a waiting list for more (*by waiting list I mean 2 maurdy under 5's because I didnt make any for them!)

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