Play Dough Butterflies Creation Station

The monsters are currently crazy for butterflies, so we have had a jiggle around of our plans for my toddler learns and our after school mats and instead of horses last week we have gone back to caterpillars and butterflies! The monsters keep asking for the playdough so I thought I would prepare a playdough creation station as an afterschool invitation to play.

This was a great activity to explore symmetry, which is what Evie has been doing at school and as Elsie is obsessed with anything that matches it worked well!

You can generally use any bits and bobs you have, you could also make your own playdough, this no-cook version from Clares Tots is great.

Set up your invitation to play using the following as a guide:
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shop bought play dough (we bought a pack of 4 mini tubs for £1)
craft sticks
pipe cleaners
chip and dip tray, like these from Amazon.

Why not make you own play dough butterflies, and share your creations with us on our Facebook page or tag us in your Instagram pictures (@3princesses1dude)


  1. Love these! They are so bright and colourful. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday great idea, i love your little black tray for keeping all the bits together! i need one of those in my life

  3. You know I love a good playdough set up Becky! step - make some of your own ;-)


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