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A few weeks ago at Evie's parent/teacher chat they mentioned that her learning was very much 'phonics based', and it is true, she loves letters! She spends most of her time with a pen and some paper 'writing' and to be honest, I have never really done anything about it. I would much rather she was playing and it being something she really enjoys to do freely than  something I have made her do. But lately, ever since preschool started introducing the first phonic sounds, on our walks to school, she has been using her knowledge of letters even more by stopping at every sign we pass and telling me which letters she can see! I thought it was about time I extended her learning so grabbing some bits from around the play room I set up this letter sensory bin as an invitation to play.

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To make your own letters sensory bin why not try some of the following resources:

We used a mix of lower case and upper case letters, and I tried to get a variety of textures to interest Elsie. So we used foam letters, plastic magnets and letter beads. 

I first set out the invitation to play in the morning just as it was and sat back to let Evie and Elsie (who is also obsessed with letters...although thinks every letter is a T or a B!) explore the sensory bin and see what they did. 

First Evie found all of the letters she knew, shouting out to tell me what she had found, then she sorted all the letters, and matched them up. Then she found the letters to form her name. Then, unexpectedly she got out a pen and paper to copy the letters and do a little bit of mark making! A bit later, as I prepared lunch, I caught her forming letters from the smaller beads too!! 

Once Jenson arrived home, Evie was keen to show him their new sensory bin and they soon set about a game of finding 'letter s'/'letter t' etc as quickly as they could, proudly shouting out loud when they were first and shouting that they were the winner!! This game though fun quickly lost its fun when Evie and Elsie both realised they weren't as quick as Jenson and decided to throw a little tantrum* 

* by little I mean the mother of all tantrums...times two...gahhhh! 

At this point, Jenson decided to find all of the letters and put them in alphabetical order! Who knew that such a simple sensory bin would end up having so many possibilities, and all came about through the monsters themselves with no adult to tell them what to do!

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  1. this is a fab idea. Daniel is beginning to get interested in letters so I might try this on the tuff spot later this weekend - thanks for sharing xx


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