How Many Flowers? Number Recognition Busy Bag

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Evie's teachers had said that she was very phonics led, they also mentioned that she needed a bit of a boost in the number department! By all means, she is not lacking in her knowledge but her 'next steps' are to recognise number amounts and written numbers. So I made this number recognition flash cards and pegs busy bag for her.

To make this busy bag you need:

Marker pen
Flower stickers/embellishments
Glue (if needed)

A container to keep it all in, I used a lunchbox and cut a piece of card to blue tack on to the lid.

Add some pegs and pop everything into a box, or a Ziploc bag and you are ready to go! This was a great activity to grab at times of boredom. I love busy bags for keeping the monsters, erm, well busy,  especially when they are all annoying each other and you need something to keep them all occupied but separate! You can get inspiration for more busy bags here or follow our pin board for even more inspiration!

The aim of the game is to count the flowers and find the corresponding number, and then attach the peg over the right number. 

Evie really enjoys this busy bag, she loved the flower design. And was in her element counting, we just need to work on her number recognition, I am thinking of adding a number line so that she doesn't have to ask me 'is this ___' every time!



  1. I love this, Becky. Looks like your princesses are loving the counting and attaching the pegs over. xx

  2. I love this what a great idea!! I have to make something like this for my son. He loves counting right now but needs a little more practice. I will have to use something besides flowers though...maybe sports balls or something. Thanks for the great suggestion! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  3. we do loads of stuff like this - we have a Dinosaur one at the moment that the children LOVE doing x


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