What To Take To A Blogging Conference and My 2016 Wishlist

In a few weeks I will be making my way to Birmingham for the Tots100 blog camp and then a few short weeks after that I will be attending the BlogOn conference in Manchester AND then in June, it will have rolled around to BritMums (I am still unsure of whether to go or not) so I have been having a look around at all the fancy shmancy bits and bobs that I don't need but want to take with me...

Things you might want to take with you...

Big Bag (to keep all your bits in!)
Fold up tote (at lots of confrences you come away with quite substantial gooddie bag, a tote you can fold away in your usual bag is perfect to pull out at the end of the day)
Chargers and/or battery back up (believe me you WILL need it!)
Buisness cards and holder
Fold up shoes (its a long day and you might need something to change into if you decide to wear heels)

I mean you may choose to not to take anything, most conferences provide papers and pencils 

My wishlist...

Pin for later...

Let's Talk Mommy

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


  1. See you at blog on in a few weeks xx

  2. Sadly I don't think I will be making it to any blog conferences this year as they all fall around the same time as lots of family events. Gutted as I had already bought my BritMums ticket and have now sold it but this is a great list. Enjoy your year of conferences :)

  3. Ooh some fab choices there! I am hoping to make it to BritMums this year - but have not got myself quite organised yet!

  4. I hope you have a great time, it sounds as though you will get a lot out of being there x

  5. For me phone and charger (usually with some sort of power pack too) are key. I would say wear comfy shoes all day.

  6. Great tips, never been to the Tots ones - must rectify this

  7. That crown pen is awesome! I'm only going to Blogtacular this year, can't wait. #TheList

  8. Thank you. I'm off to BritMums later this year and was wondering what I'd need

  9. Fab wishlist. I love the post-it notes :-) x

  10. I am going to Britmums, it will be my first conference. This is a fab list, thank you for sharing X #TheList

  11. See you at blogcamp! Love the range that notebook and sticky notes come from, they're great fun x #thelist

  12. Oh I hadn't thought about taking a fold up tote so I will add this to my list! I will be at blog camp and then Brit Mums, so see you there! xx

  13. Great ideas for so many conferences coming up. Love the follow up tote idea too. Clever idea. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to catch you at a few conferences this year! #sharewithme

  14. I will see you at BlogCamp and Britmums (if you go) I love your ideas, I always want blogging bits. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x (if you could add our badge it would be fab xx)

  15. Great list here. I always have problems with my phone battery lasting. I'm going to Blogcamp but not Britmums this year


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