Review. Wicked Uncle. Online Toy Store.

Wicked Uncle is an online toy shop with a difference! It is different because unlike all the other internet toy stores Wicked Uncle is aimed at Aunties, Uncles, Nans, Grandads etc who basically have no idea what to buy the little monsters in their lives and...

...what's more, the thoughtful people over at Wicked Uncle have scoured the world to find a selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children. AND if you think it couldn't get much better they gift wrap (£2.95 for the first gift and £1.50 for each gift after) AND can even add a handwritten greeting's card (£1.95) to your order too!

I found the Wicked Uncle website really easy to use, it was easy to navigate with everything you need right at the top of the page (no awkward side bars to figure out!). You can search the website by gender, age, gender AND age, or the part I like best,  by categories which are listed as interests. So whilst searching for a cheer me up for Ellie I was able to search 'fashion and style'. When it came to Jenson I was able to search 'Adventurer' and 'Engineer'. 

Check out was also really easy, over Christmas I closed a few websites that, to be blunt, just asked so many questions, and was form after form after form...who needs that right? The internet is supposed to be a quicker and easier way of shopping! 

Other feature's of the website I like is the ability to add email reminders for birthdays etc, so you never miss a birthday again! You can also add addresses to your reminders for added convenience. I also love that they include a pre-written Thank You card for the lucky recipient to send back to you. 

And that is all of your hard work done for you! No wandering up and down shop aisles aimlessly, no fighting with wrapping paper. Just a few clicks and voila the job is done!

Our parcel arrived within 3 working days and the monster's were so pleased with my choices! Phew, I did good!

Here is what I chose...

For Evie and Elsie I chose this Fun Flowerpot Bread Making Set £15.50, they both love baking and I thought this was a really fun and different idea.

Stikbots, pack of 2 figures £9.95 for Jenson...

And for Ellie, who is getting increasingly more and more difficult to buy for I chose this Do It Yourself Beauty Diary £9.99

Keep a look out on our YouTube channel for some videos of the Stikbots in action and I might also attempt a cooking with kids with the girls one morning! Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss them! 

*Disclaimer: We were sent a voucher to cover the cost of the products in return for a website review,  all opinions, photos and words are my own.

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