Kitchen Envy.

I love home and interiors programmes, Through The Keyhole, Grand Designs oh and fo you remember the old MTV programme 'Cribs'?? I most definitely always watched it and waited for the famous fridge scene! Nowadays I will sit and watch people's YouTube or read blogs and find myself with kitchen envy...

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In an ideal world (aka in my dreams) my kitchen would be a large bright airy room, the hub of the home, a table to sit around, a wall mounted TV for daytime TV whilst enjoying homemade cake and a hot coffee, french doors leading out onto a decking area in the garden with more seating and the mother of all BBQ's and a firepit center.

I could sit and look at  kitchens all day! And don't get me started on how I secretly love a trip to B&Q or Homebase to wander around the kitchens, stroking worktops and opening cupboard doors! Come on admit have done it too!

A central island will always make me ooh and ahh, as will crisp white tiles, huge wooden table's and great big low hung glossy lampshades! Easy clean surfaces looking all crisp and shiny in the sunlight. 

It all sounds very modern and simplistic right? So it sounds like I have a 'type'.

The fact is I don't.

As much as all the above sounds like my perfect kitchen, I could easily live with stone floors, exposed beams, shelves full of nic-naks and of course a huge Bristol sink and old Aga. A sumptuous armchair in the corner, perfect for sitting and drinking a hot chocolate whilst reading favourite stories with the monsters. (I know, I make it all sound very Hollywood movie!)
2 bloggers who have definitely got it right in my eye are Sarah from Taming Twins and Katie from Mummy Daddy Me.

I love the high gloss monochrome look of Katie's kitchen (you can read about her kitchen makeover HERE) Sarah's kitchen is huge, I think our whole kitchen would kit on her dining table! I love the black and white photo gallery that sits overlooking the table too, it is just perfect.

Photo courtesy of Taming Twins

Do you get kitchen envy? What would your perfect kitchen look like? 
I'd love to know, leave me a comment below!


  1. I would absolutely love an island in our kitchen too
    I love looking at kitchens and bathrooms. Does this mean we are old? Gorgeous photos xx

  2. I would love an old country cottage style kitchen. Mine is looking a little worse for wear just recently but like you mine is in my dreams too. At least we can drool over these pics :-)

  3. I love all of these too, I would love a big kitchen with enough room for a proper table in there and an island would be a dream come true. One day maybe, that massive table in Sarah's would be fantastic wouldn't it? Ours in squashed into the corner of our living room and it drives me mad. SO great to look through this and get ideas xx


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