How I Meal Plan For A Family Of 6 and Spend Less Than £30 A Week

This blog post has been sat in drafts since January! It has taken me so long to get this post filmed but here it finally is. How I meal plan for my family of 6 and most of the time spend less than £30 a week on our groceries...

You can see how my meal planning process in this video below:

So in short...

Check your cupboards, fridge and freezer writing down EVERYTHING you have.

Use Pinterest, recipe books, family favourites, your favourite blogs to find inspiration. I type into Pinterest ingredients I have and see what they come up...I typed in Chorizo and it came up with this delicious recipe for spicy spaghetti and chorizo. And all I need to buy is sundried tomatoes and basil! 

Fill up your meal plan as you go, make sure you take into account any 'busy days' there is no point planning a Sunday roast if you are out for the day, and write a new list which includes EVERYTHING each meal and recipe calls for.

Go back to your original 'what we have' list and cross of everything from your second list that you already have. Your lit will soon wittle down to just a few items. Remember to add your weekly basics like milk etc. I also add fruit, juice, yoghurts etc at this point. 

Come back on Wednesday when I will share how I shop here on the blog. And also come back next Saturday and I will be sharing a Meal Plan Vs What We Really Ate vlog and blog post!

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