Bottle Top Spiders

Recently we have started getting spiders in the house (EEEEKKK I SCREAM!), anyhow, I don't want the monsters to be scared of them like I am. Up to now Ellie, Jenson and Evie always scream when they see a spider, a trait I am sure they have learnt from me. And when Elsie sees a spider of photo of a spider she automatically says 'spooky...halloween'. I want her to associate spiders as something not scary, if that makes sense. So we have been reading stories and doing crafts so that they start to see spiders in a non-scary way...

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What you need:

Selection of bottle tops
Felt pens
Googly eyes (click to buy)
Paper or card

This is a great activity when for when you have limited time (and want very little mess!). There is also no right or wrong way to do this so it is suitable for all ages too!

Stick your bottle tops to your paper, draw on some legs, stick on some googly eyes and add a spider web string!

Tah Dah! You're done, and now have your very own pet spiders!

What do you think of our creations? Have you tried our bottle top spiders? We would love to see your creations on our Facebook page!

Evies's spiders

Elsie's spiders

Jenson's spiders

Ellie's spiders

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