St Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

OK, I am a few days late with this St Patrick's Day sensory bin post BUT guess what? I'm a Mummy as well as a blogger and sometimes our activities are as last minute a yours are! This was such a fun sensory bin, especially to say I knocked it up in less than 5 minutes with bits and bobs we had hiding around the house! 

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What you need:

Green pom poms
Green buttons
Green sequins
Gold and silver wrapped chocolates, chocolate coins etc
Coins, plastic or real, we used real and the monsters ADORED it!

We used a shoe and boot tray similar to this one, but you could use a tuff spot or any container you have handy.

I also added a paper rainbow we made last week but you don't specifically need this, I am not even sure the monsters noticed it!

You know the drill by now! Chuck all of your bits and pieces into your container and you are set to go. You will need to keep an eye on your little monsters, we don't want them getting confused and eating everything in there! 

This was a great sensory bin to focus on the colour green. It was also a great way to introduce St Patrick, as it isn't really something we have ever discussed before (also thank goodness for YouTube and videos to explain who, and what St Patrick is all about!)

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