Farmyard Small World Sensory Bin

This farmyard sensory bin was really easy to put together as we just used the base from our spring garden sensory bin and added our wooden farm animals and our toilet roll tube farm animals that we made last summer! 

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What you need:

Coco pops 
Green shredded paper

I used a roasting tray, but you can use any kind of tray you can find. 

Use coco pops, for mud, in one half of your tray and shredded paper, for a grass field, in the other half of your tray. Add you selection of animals and you are ready to go!

Evie decided, quite rightly, that you can't have a farm without a barn! So she disappeared off upstairs to find our Fisher Price farm yard to add to the play invitation.

This bin was great for Evie and Jenson who love imaginative play with toys. They acted out storys, sang songs and used additional resources that they found to enhance their play. 


Elsie, on the other hand, was much happier to use the toilet roll animals to scoop and empty the bin (definitely something to remember for future sensory bins.) We did successfully encourage Elsie to use animal names rather than 'baa baa' 'moo moo' etc! So, at least, we got something out of it! And I am sure as the week passes she will imitate the play she sees with Jenson and Evie

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  1. I love this small world. I keep meaning to make one for my daughter. This one is so simple, I really must try one soon.

  2. We tried a small world farm tonight - I can't wait for Sophie to be old enough to really play and sing etc rather than just enjoy the sensory aspect. I didn't think about coco pops for mud! Love the mud in the Adventures of Adam one too. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Such a simple idea, love it will try this with bodhis playmobil animals

  4. I love that you use a baking tray for your sensory bin what a great idea and the coca pops are just amazing!!


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