Date Night Wishlist

When I posted my first wishlist a few weeks ago, I had no idea I would catch a wishlist bug! I can't stop writing them, this week I thought I would share a date night wishlist...

Last year was supposed to be the year that me and Dean started date nights it kind of hasn't happened! I want us to go back to the fun loving couple, who's nights ended in snuggles on the sofa, or in bed watching a movie and sharing chocolate or popcorn, that we once were.  The couple who would say love you at the end of a phone conversation, and at the end of each night. I want to love him not just live with him, I want to be his wife not just married to him. 

How can we find these person's? Well, first I need to find me. The me I used to be and that me loved clothes, loved jewellery, fell in love with new handbags every week, bought new make-up every week.

To get me started I have made an order with Avon, my fave makeup brand, and, after reading a few beauty blogs lately, I have purchased new skincare too. It's time to up my game, make my husband 'fancy me' again (sorry, is that a little cringe?) Then it's time to invest in a WOW outfit, find a fortnightly babysitter and plan date nights to get US back.

Necklace (£99, Micheal Kors)...this is a wishlist right!

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  1. What a fun date night wish list! I like the eye shadow duo. It would be awesome if your husband surprised you with some of these items. : 0 )


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