Yarn Wrapped Cows

I saw this idea at Evie's preschool, apart from they had been yarn wrapping sheep! I added black foam shapes to make these yarn wrapped cows for our cow-themed afterschool mat last week. 

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What you need:

Unfolded cereal box 

Draw a cow on the cereal box and cut it out. Adding details like the face! 

Cut out long strands of the yarn, and wrap it around the cows body. keep on wrapping until your cow looks just how you want it! Then glue your black foam shapes onto your cows yarn wrapped body.

Yarn wrapping is a great activity for developing fine motor skills (the coordination of small muscle movements), the kind of skills little ones will need to learn to write, fasten shoelaces, zips and buttons. Young children won't be able to do any of this without the strength in their hands. According to a learning to write workshop I recently attended a lot of young children need to be taught these skills once they start school, some parents get so hung up on whether their child can write their name, but in fact teachers want children to have developed fine motor skills...so that the teachers can do their job of teaching to write.

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