Race To The Nest. Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

This week's theme is 'on the farm' and I have been trying to think up quick afterschool activities the monsters can all enjoy together! This was a great activity for a rainy afternoon or an indoor alternative if the Eater Egg Hunt is called off! The aim of the game is to race your chick's back to mama hens nest...

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What you need:

Lollipop stick (1 per 'flapper')

Baker Ross Golden eggs (filled with goodies)
Chicken soft toy (like this one on Amazon)
Print out a picture of a hen and nest!

Before you start playing you need to make your 'flapper'. To do this cut a large circle from the card and attach it to the lollypop stick. 

Now set up your chicken run, assemble your nest and chicken at one end of the room and take yourself, your baby chick and your flapper to the start line! 




Flap your chick back to it's Mama. The first one back to Mama Hen wins one of her golden eggs!

Why not try...

Placing some obstacles along the route.

Setting a timer. Can you make it back in time before Mr Fox is about!

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  1. What a fab idea for something different. I love it. Happy Easter! Thanks for linking up to #ShareWithMe.


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