Easter Egg Pom Pom Colour Sort

I've been busy lately making things out of our plastic Easter eggs, this pom-pom colour sort bin was very popular with my little monsters!

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What you need: 

Plastic eggs
Pom-poms (the same colour as your eggs)
DIY Craft stick tweezers (check out the tutorial from Sugar Aunts)
Green shredded paper (yes we are using it again! We like to recycle!)
Polystyrene mini eggs
Plasticine/Playdough/Blue Tack

I used a silver roasting tray, you could use any kind of tray, or maybe just a table.

In half of your tray layer the green shredded paper and make 4 'wells', just big enough to fit your plastic eggs. Stick the eggs down using the plasticine. In the other half of the tray place the pom poms, eggs and DIY tweezers.

Note: The eggs were an addition to our tray, hence not in all the photos.

Tweezers and tongs are a great way to encourage fine motor skills, strengthening muscles in little hand and building dexterity in little fingers. Did you know without well-developed fine motor skills your little one may have difficulty learning to write, using a fork or spoon, threading beads, completing puzzles, using scissors, fastening zips, buttons and tying shoe laces.

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  1. Simply adore those fine motor tweezers!

  2. Those home made tweezers are soooo clever! I will be making some of those. Love that you are reusing the eggs etc for new activities. We had a go at colour sorting today - I was amazed at how welll Sophie did. Thanks for hosting #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  3. A fab idea that incorporates so many skills - colours, counting, fine motor etc. Might try this with my son :) #toddlerapprovedtuesday


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