Twirlywoos Comic Review

I don't know about your house but here we love the Twirlywoos. It's one of the only things I can watch on CBeebies without muttering under my breath as we watch! We were recently asked if we would like to check out the new comic, I knew it would be something the monsters would love...

I am sure by now we all know who the Twirlywoos are but just in case you are luckily enough to not watch Cbeebies all day every day let me explain...

The Twirlywoos are four small, bird-like characters who are inquisitive, enthusiastic and always looking to learn something new about the world. Ever curious, they seek adventure and fun wherever they go.  Whether in the real world or on their Big Red Boat, they love to hide, imitate and be surprised as they discover new things.  

The magazine is based on the TV show, its aim to be just as silly, just as fun and, of course, full of surprises! Each issue will be themed around an episode of the Twirlywoos and the patterns that children repeat as they play. 

Each comic (out monthly) comes complete with a free gift and a pull out poster and stickers in the centre of the comic the magazine contains stories, recipe's and activities to complete, which was lovely to it together and do together. 

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