Family Meal Plan #13

It has been so long since we last did a meal plan, It was about time we got back on it and started saving some money so I searched the freezer and the cupboards for some inspiration...

As from this week I will include a printable meal plan AND a printable shopping list, all you have to do is print off the list, check your cupboard, fridge and freezer, cross everything from your list that you already have and you are ready to go!

Find all the recipes here:

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken serve in bread buns with coleslaw and corn on the cobs

Slow Cooker Chilli serve with homemade tortilla chips and rice 

Corned Beef Hash serve with beans

Mac Cheese

Curry night (Chicken Curry, Rice, Naan Bread and Poppadoms)

Swede and Potato Rosti Topped Fish Pie  serve with mixed veg

Jacket Potates served with a choice of tuna, sweetcorn, beans and cheese

Get your FREE A4 PRINTABLE MEAL PLAN and A4 SHOPPING LIST by clicking the images below.

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  1. I think I want to come and stay with you for the week! Everything sounds so good x


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