Valentines Creation Station.

Each week I have started filling a chip and dip tray with some creative 'ingredients' and left it out on the table for the monsters to get creative this week we have a Valentines Creation Station where they can make cards, decorate hearts, write love notes or anything else they fancy...

What you need:

Chip and dip tray
Craft punches
Heart shaped stencils/cutters
Washi tape
Glue sticks
Pens and crayons (red and pink)
Various paper and card. (Cut some into various sized hearts)

I put all of our items on the coffee table so that it was easily accessible, the chip and dip tray meant that everything was kept everything contained and easy to grab. Whilst Elsie was creating I talked about the big, and small hearts, the colours of the hearts etc. This was a great box to introduce size and colour concepts.

It was also great for developing hand-eye co-ordination and manipulative skills. 

We also introduced some new tools, the punches and the stencils, which were mainly used by the older monsters, and Elsie (tried to) mimicked how they had used them, one skill she did grasp was threading the ribbon through the felt hearts.

I love some of the bits the monsters made, what do you think?

Pin for later...

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  1. Great idea to provide some themed craft bits and see what creations the children make. Love seeing what kids get up to with their own imagination. Valentines theme is always to pretty and colourful too.
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids

  2. I love how if you leave stuff around children naturally want to learn, create and play. I am learning this more and more on our home education journey and hope to do lots of crafting this weekend


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