Cat In The Hat Inspired 'CVC Word' Discovery Bottles

Jenson is obsessed with rhyming words, his favourite, ie: the ones he repeats all the time include words that rhyme with bank (yep that includes the w-word) and sock (and yep that includes the c-word), I don't stop him because he also says words like 'yock' and 'cank' he doesn't know the 'bad words' he keeps saying are swear words he is just making up words so for now I leave him to it, anyway back to it...I had already made some discovery bottle's for Elsie so decided to add some CVC words to them for Jenson to discover....

What You Need:
wide neck bottles
red and white pom poms
red and white wool cut into strands
marker pen

you may also want some super glue to keep the lids attached.

This is a really simple and effective toy for little ones. Fill the bottle with wool, or pom poms if you prefer, and cut out small flashcards with your chosen rhyming words, as we are focusing our activities on Cat In The Hat this week I decided to go with 'at' words. 

Jenson grabbed a piece of paper and started copying the words he found, completely unprompted!

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  1. Thats a great idea, more of a novel that learning x

    1. Thanks Sarah, I adore that he carried the activity over unprompted. :)

  2. Fab idea to inspire little ones learning. Jenson did a brilliant job writing!
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids


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