5 Ideas For...Recipes Using Marshmallows

We love marshmallows in this house! Whether they be huge ones, mini ones, topping on hot chocolate or dipped in melted chocolate we go through a lotta marshmallows! I've been searching for recipes to get a little more creative with our marshmallow eating and so here are my favourite 5 recipes using marshmallows...

1. No-Bake Individual Smores Pie's (Our Own Recipe)

These bars look really yummy! The monsters would love making these and they would make the perfect treat

I can't think of a better way to improve a chocolate sponge! Can you?


This recipe shows you how to make homemade marshmallow too! Although I think we would do a cheats version and use pre-bought for a quicker an easier alternative!

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  1. Mississippi mud cake would be my ultimate fav! Great recipes all round, everything tastes gorgeous when marshmallows are added

    1. It looks amazing doesn't it! I might make it next week for research purposes of course!!:)


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